Flare Vapor Recovery Project

Client: Jacobs Field Services for Motiva

Location: Norco, LA

Description: This project encompassed 21 areas and included Inside Battery Limits (ISBL) and Outside Battery Limits (OSBL) work. The OSBL portion consisted of new construction for the coker and hydrocracker flares. It also involved installation of a new 24” flare header and other rack piping that traversed the site and connected the existing flares to the new ISBL units. The ISBL work involved erection of the hydrotreater unit and the compressor unit and assembly of two compressors. Cajun installed over 60,000 LF of pipe and 1,100 tons of structural steel. Cajun’s scope of work included pipe fabrication, underground pipe installation and setting of 120 mechanical units.

The aggressive schedule required that Cajun work 60 to 70 hour weeks and 24 weeks of night shifts. Cajun completed over 600,000 man-hours.