Iberville 230kV Substation Transmission

Client: Entergy

Location: Plaquemine, LA

Description: Cajun was contracted to furnish equipment, labor and material for construction of the transmission line pole foundations for the substation. The scope of work included installation of a 105’ steel structure, a 115’ steel structure, three 48” diameter x 30’ deep shafts, three 42” diameter x 30’ deep shafts and 400’ of 2” Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) conduit and anodes. Cajun performed 198,000 CY of excavation, placed 233,000 CY of imported fill, placed 62,000 tons of limestone surfacing, installed over 1,600 pre-cast concrete piles, installed over 16,900 LF of piping and placed over 16,240 CY of concrete.

Peak manpower for the project reached 300, and Cajun performed 450,000 man-hours with no OSHA recordable incidents.