Power (Generation & T&D)

Cajun has completed a wide range of projects throughout the power industry. We offer our clients both our specialty deep foundations service in the transmission sector and our turnkey solutions to substation construction. Cajun has performed major civil and mechanical work on new generation and re-powering plants including the industrial co-generation, independent power production, nuclear and public utility markets. We offer services in the areas of generation, transmission, distribution, substation work, equipment installation and emergency response.

Our generation projects have included gas/oil fired steam electric stations, combustion turbine facilities in both simple and combined cycle, and coal and lignite fired plants. We have experience in projects at green field sites, add-on units, repower projects, and renovation and betterment projects.

We have completed projects that involved numerous combustion turbine installations— simple and combined cycle. These projects have utilized GE LM6000, 7EA, 7FA and Siemens Westinghouse V84.2, V84.3, V84.3A, 501D, and 501F engines.