Oil, Gas & Energy

Cajun’s diversified offerings span the energy business sector from discovery to delivery. We have been recognized by some of the industry’s most demanding clients for our ability to develop the infrastructure of upstream operations and maintain downstream systems.

In addition, as the United States becomes a major power in shale plays, Cajun is becoming a valued partner within this sector. Cajun’s capabilities in the oil, gas and energy market include design-build, construction management, deep foundations, civil construction, mechanical construction, acidizing and well rehabilitation, compressor station construction, plugging and abandonment, rig tending, pipeline installation, marine construction, flotation dredging, modular construction, salvage and decommissioning/ demolition.

We provide creativity and innovation, assets that are necessary in this ever-changing sector. In addition, our capabilities and resources can overcome the challenges created when construction and repair must be accomplished without interruption of service.

Cajun is uniquely outfitted with a fleet of specifically designed, company-owned and operated equipment and an experienced workforce, both ready to address the needs of oil, gas and energy clientele from well site development to retirement of legacy assets. Our unparalleled safety record, coupled with strong intent to accomplish attainable production goals provides value to our clients’ bottom lines.