West Bank Vicinity 16.2 — Bayou Segnette Complex


Client: USACE — New Orleans District

Location: Westwego, LA

Description: Construction of the Bayou Segnette Complex involved enclosure of Company Canal to allow it to serve as a safe harbor during storm events and provided a new line of hurricane protection to 100 year storm levels. Cajun constructed a pile supported, reinforced concrete floodwall, a drainage pump station and a sector gate. Also included in the scope of work was construction of a permanent section of 14’ earthen levee from the sector gate to the adjacent floodwall and demolition of the interim flood protection system including a flood gate, floodwalls, etc.

Cajun placed over 10,000 CY of reinforced concrete, installed 42,000 SF of sheet piles, installed 24” and 30” pipe piles, excavated 67,000 CY of the channel, placed 107,000 CY of compacted fill, placed 33,000 tons of 650 lb. rip rap and constructed dolphin piles.

The project was constructed in a low-lying area, and portions of the site were situated in a navigable waterway. These conditions resulted in frequent flooding. As a result, all of the most critical features of work were constructed inside of a temporary retaining structure.