Lake Pontchartrain Vicinity 148.02

Client: USACE — Hurricane Protection Office
Location: St. Bernard Parish, LA
Description: This was an early contractor involvement (ECI) project for construction of a floodwall segment approximately 43,370 LF in length. The project also involved modifications to an existing pump station, decommissioning of an existing drainage structure, installation of a steel overhead trolley gate, installation of five 15’ wide steel roller gates and relocation of 12 utility crossings.

Cajun’s scope included placement of over 173,390 CY of concrete, installation of 10,745 tons of re-steel, excavation of 110,529 CY of fill, design and relocation of a 14” water force main, installation of approximately 1,685,500 SF of sheet piles, installation of approximately 2,230,200 LF of H-piles, placement of over 250,000 tons of #610 limestone, grading of approximately 330 acres of land, and construction and maintenance of over 10 miles of access roadway and crane pads.

Cajun achieved substantial completion of construction of this eight-mile structure in only seven months, placing an average of 825 CY of concrete per day.  Cajun managed over 1,400 personnel and over 400 pieces of heavy equipment.  Cajun logged over 1.1 million man-hours without a single lost-time injury.