Unwatering of New Orleans

Client: USACE, New Orleans District

Location: New Orleans, LA

Description: Immediately following the devastating flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina, Cajun was contracted to mobilize “unlimited” pumping resources in an effort to unwater the area. The monumental task was further complicated by the lack of cellular and land communication available and the reports of gang activity, looting and other security risks.

Within several hours of notification, Cajun produced an execution plan and mobilized the equipment and personnel to execute the project scope.

Cajun utilized helicopters to devise means and methods to address access and staging issues. The project scope involved procurement of 125 portable, diesel pumps ranging in size from 12” to 42”, procurement of various types of piping systems for discharge, procurement of over 230 pieces of construction equipment, monitoring and reporting of meter readings on a daily basis, establishment of temporary housing and transportation and placement of armed security forces to secure work areas.

Cajun completed the project in one-third of the initial estimated time and worked over 32,000 man-hours with no OSHA recordable incidents.