Shell Goal Venture

Client: Shell Chemical

Location: Geismar, LA

Description: The Shell GOAL (Geismar Olefins and Alcohol) Venture project was an expansion that included construction of a Linear Alpha Olefin (LAO) unit, a K5 detergent alcohol plant and multiple support facilities. The expansion was estimated to increase production of LAOs by 700 million pounds per year and increase production of higher alcohols by 330 million pounds per year. Cajun performed all of the civil work for the expansion including site work, piling, civil and structural steel erection.

Cajun’s scope of work included installation of 5,875 LF of carbon steel piping, 2,257 LF of fiberglass reinforced piping, 4,037 LF of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) piping and 2,070 LF of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) piping; placement of 65,000 CY of structural concrete and flowable fill material; installation of 380 tons of structural steel; installation of 622 concrete piles, 2,460 timber piles, 530 steel sheets and 620 drilled shafts; placement of 12,510 LF of drilled shaft casing; and placement of 80,000 CY of clay mining.

Cajun worked over 1.3 million man-hours with a peak manpower of 653 and received the National ABC Excellence in Construction Award.