IMTT Grassroots Bulk Terminal

Client: International Matex Tank Terminal (IMTT)

Location: Geismar, LA

Description: This was a grassroots project for which Cajun received both the Outside Battery Limits (OSBL) and Inside Battery Limits (ISBL) work. The scope included deep foundations, structural concrete, paving, underground utilities, structural steel, piping and equipment setting. Cajun constructed 31 tank ring wall foundations with High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) liners, a 130,000 SF drumming facility foundation, four major pump pits, several large pipe bridges, the main pipe rack and the dock facilities. One of the large pipe bridges spanned 210 LF and weighed approximately 152 tons. Cajun installed it using two 500 ton cranes.

Cajun placed over 20,000 CY of concrete, installed 15,000 tons of limestone surfacing, installed 1,300 pre-cast concrete piles, placed 4,500 tons of structural steel, installed over 332,000 LF of piping and set 240 pieces of equipment.

The work required over 270,000 man-hours, and Cajun completed them with no OSHA recordable incidents.