Cajun Craft Assessment Procedures

The National Craft Assessment and Certification Program (NCACP) evaluates journey-level knowledge and skills of experienced craft professionals and provides a training prescription to upgrade training. Not only does the NCACP provide contractors with an effective tool to evaluate the skills and productivity of their workforce, it allows owners to achieve higher quality construction with increased cost-effectiveness.

Certifications of an individual’s qualifications are tracked through NCCER’s National Registry. Credentials include certified, performance verified, and certified plus. These industry credentials give employers confidence in the craft professional’s skill, knowledge, and desire for continuous improvement.

NCCER assessments and certification are based on its curriculum. The assessments are available for journey-level craftsmen. The written assessment tests the individual’s knowledge of the specific craft area and when necessary offers a recommendation for upgraded training.

NCCER Craft Skill Certification Levels:

Journeyman: Any employee that has met the DOL years in profession for the craft and has passed the written NCCER test or Knowledge Verified (KV).

Certified Plus: Any employee that has attained NCCER KV and has passed the practical NCCER test or Performance Verified (PV).

NCCER Craft Skill available Assessments:

Commercial Carpenter             Concrete Finisher*                   Drywall Mechanic*

HEO Level 1:                               HEO: Backhoe                          HEO: Dozer

HEO: Dump Truck                    HEO: Excavator                        HEO: Forklift

HEO: Loader                              HEO: Motor Grader                 HEO: Roller

HEO: Scraper                            Industrial Carpenter*                Industrial Ironworker*

Masonry*                                    Industrial Millwright                Industrial Painter

Industrial Pipefitter                 Mobile Crane (Hydraulic Boom)

Reinforcing Ironwork*            Fundamentals of Crew Leadership

Mobile Crane (Lattice Boom)

*denotes assessment available in Spanish


Craft $26.50 per Assessment

Spanish $30

Mobile Crane $99

Scheduling Assessment


  • Division will coordinate with Construction Support to schedule assessment dates. Division will complete the Skill Assessment Program Scheduling Form with a Purchase Order # and submit.
  • CSS will order assessment and assign to candidate.
  • CSS will set up testing room per NCCER requirements and monitor.
  • CSS will provide Registration and Release for each candidate to be filed.
  • CSS will administer assessment and score will be provided to candidate.
  • CSS will PV profile and copy provided to division for training prescription.


In accordance with NCCER Testing Policy:

  • Participants scoring within 10 points of the cut score may re-take the assessment after 48 hours
  • Participants scoring more than 10 points below the cut score may re-take the assessment after 30 days.
  • Participants who need to retake after the second attempt must wait 90 days
  • Participants who have taken the assessment 4 times must wait 1 full year to re-test

Upgrade training

This training is designed for those employees that have taken the NCCER Written Assessment but did not achieve a passing score. Missed module training is provided. Upgrade training is available through Construction Support Services and scheduled by division or at ABC Pelican.

Craft Professional Helmet Sticker Program:

Employees that pass the NCCER Written Assessment or Performance Assessment in their craft will receive the following NCCER logo Helmet Sticker to identify them as craft professionals on the job site:

Blue for those employees that passed an Assessment and referred to as “Certified”. Silver for those employees that have completed both the KV and PV Assessment and referred to as “Certified Plus”.