Safety Statement

Cajun is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and others. Our safety culture and philosophy are based on our total commitment to and investment in staff, policies and procedures, training, equipment, continuous evaluation of our performance, and job safety. We believe that accidents can be prevented through an aggressive and comprehensive program of pre-job and pre-task planning; orientation and continuous training of employees; near-miss, hazard recognition and accident investigation; alcohol and substance abuse prevention; and recognition of employee contributions to our Zero Accident Goal.

Safety is a joint effort between Cajun and our clients. We work to create an atmosphere that nurtures proactive awareness. All employees are responsible for implementing Cajun’s safety procedures, and all employees have the authority and responsibility to stop any work that is unsafe and to take corrective measures to ensure safety before resuming work.

Cajun encourages employee feedback on all safety matters and assembles teams that are periodically rotated to ensure that all employees’ suggestions and concerns regarding safety receive attention.

Our superior safety record is proof of our commitment to a culture of safety on the job. Cajun’s Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) and Experience Modification Rate (EMR) have been significantly better than the industry average. Our entire family of companies has maintained a zero-fatality rate since our founding in 1973. Cajun is consistently recognized as one of the nation’s safest contractors.